Are You Single?

As the Facebook feed fills up with engagements and marriages, it’s not hard to wish for what other people have. Everyone is on a different path and statistically speaking 97% of people will be married, so if that’s not you yet, don’t stress. If you’re currently not married, now is the time to turn it up to 100 degrees and live your life. If you’re not happy as a single person, you won’t be happy in a relationship.

pic meYour capacity to live life as a single person is absolutely limitless. If you want to go travel the world, stay out until 2AM with your friends, or buy a dog you can do it. No discussion. No waiting period. And no checking in. If you want to do something, just make it happen. You don’t need a reason or an explanation. You’re not tied to anything or anyone.

I’m grateful for my friends who are in fulfilling, loving relationships. I really am. To see two people encourage each other and make one another better is awesome to see. Don’t look at your married friends and be envious of what they have. If you’re confident in yourself, you should be happy for your friends that they found an awesome partner and a team player.

If it is your desire to be married one day, I really believe God has someone for you. Having said this, nothing great comes without hard work. A great job, great fitness, and great friends all take hard work and dedication. A great relationship is no different. It’s not hard to have a “good enough” relationship. To find a dynamite relationship on the next level takes hard work. If you want it, go get it.


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