Your 20’s: The Decade You’re Never Getting Back

Live in the moment. You’ve heard it before. Straight up though, your 20’s are a pivotal and arguably most fun decade of your life.


  1. Get Healthy – If you can’t get serious about your health in your 20’s while you’re young and single it’s unlikely it’s going to happen. Eat well and get exercising. Get in the gym, play sports and stay active. You’ll experience an energy boost and you will set up healthy patterns for your life.
  2. Travel – Yes, it takes some money and time. Everything worth doing in life takes money and time. It’s never been easier in the history of the world to book a flight and see the other side of the world. I’d recommend travelling solo as you’ll learn more about yourself and meet lots of great people.
  3. Find what you love to do – Try a bunch of different jobs. The risk is low when you’re young. Keep trying jobs until you find something you love to do. You’ll know you love your job when you’re looking at the clock wishing there was extra hours in the work day rather than counting down the hours to 5pm
  4. Get out of your comfort zone – Life begins outside of your comfort zone. If you start doing the things that scare you, you will become a more confident person. These things could include: solo travel, going to a movie by yourself, going to a party where you don’t know anybody. It’s scary at the time but once you did it you’ll be proud of yourself.
  5. Read – Successful people read at least 30 minutes per day. Work this into your daily routine to expand your mind. Set aside a monthly budget to buy books, way more valuable than a monthly budget to go to the movies.
  6. Don’t be afraid to fail – Failing in life is key to growing in life. Typically people who don’t fail live really safe boring lives. If you’re scared to fail fear will rule your life.
  7. Don’t compare yourself to others – Don’t worry about what others are doing. Compare yourself to the person you were yesterday. Once you stop caring what other people think of you, life gets a lot better.
  8. Don’t settle – Do not settle. Ever. Don’t settle for “good enough” in relationships, career, or friendships. If you are continually growing those around you will grow with you
  9. Give back – Time is way more valuable than money. Give your time to organizations helping out. Giving your time helping others will allow you to experience joy. As it says in Acts 20:35 – “It is more blessed to give than to receive” Work giving into the very fabric of your everyday life so you don’t have to wait until you’re 65 to retire and start giving it away.
  10. Be a relationship builder – Make friends with different people. Everyone you meet can teach you something and you can help them as well. Friendship is a gift from God. Don’t go through life alone. Build relationships and go through life with people. It is way better that way.
  11. Experiences trump possessions – Once you have experiences you see they are way more valuable than collecting more stuff. More clothes, electronics, home décor is a waste. I’d rather go golfing, go carting, or hiking. You remember these moments your whole life. Materials end up wasting away amounting to nothing.

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