7 Things I Learned On the Way to 26


I’m turning 26.5 in a month. Yeah that’s right, that’s just over 1000 days until I’m 30. Scary thought? Not really. 26 is awesome. 30 will be awesome when I get there.

I’ve learned some key things this past year:

1. Life is all about embracing seasons – Don’t try to be older or younger than you are. It comes off weird and people don’t like it. Don’t be reaching too far into the future; it’s not worth overwhelming yourself.

2. Life doesn’t start when you get X – “My life begins when I’m married” “I’ll be happy when I lose 20 pounds” “I’ll be happy when I get a raise” Yes there is a temporary boost in happiness (dopamine) but this doesn’t last long term. I’m not saying don’t go for your goals. All I’m saying is to enjoy the process. Love where you are at and don’t put the expectation of life starting when you get there

3. Read books – I like talking to people but truth be told I find my daily wisdom in books. Some of my personal favourites: Proverbs in the Bible, Adam Braun’s, “Promise of a Pencil”, “Start something that matters” by Blake Mycoskie and anything written by John Wooden

4. Keep things simple – There is beauty in simplicity. Fewer options is the way to go. The less decisions you have to make everyday is advantageous. I eat the same thing for breakfast every morning and because I only own 2 pairs of pants choosing what to wear is not difficult.

5. Find alone time – Taking yourself out to dinner or to a movie is not weird. Find time everyday where you are not interacting with people. If this is exercising, going for a drive, reading a book, whatever it is, find what works for you and do it. It’s easy to constantly surround yourself with people. It’s difficult to find time in solitude.

6. Don’t compare yourself to others – This is so difficult. Why do you go on Facebook and Instagram? Is it to be inspired or is it to be jealous of what your friends are doing? Try take a month and only be better than the person you were yesterday. 1% better in relationships, 1% more productive, and 1% more gracious with people.

7. Be grateful – At the end of everyday verbalize your thankful thoughts. I like to choose 3 thankful thoughts and say them out loud. It’s easy to take things for granted and if we don’t stop and reflect the days just move too quickly


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