8 Things I’ve Learned on the Way to 28



I’ve recently turned 28.5 and it got me reflecting about limiting beliefs in our lives.

Your mindset is everything. Achieving a goal is looking at the end and reverse engineering the steps to achieve it. While it is simple, it is not easy.

Limiting beliefs can be so strong that they can cause you not to take action, or to take action doing the wrong things. This has been true in my life.


My Former Limiting Beliefs:

1. I am too shy / introverted to start a business

Learning – If you’re scared, do it anyway. Throw yourself in the deep end and you will learn the skill pretty quickly. I knocked on 3000 doors and talked to homeowners. I was super scared to do this but once you’re in it, you figure it out.


2. Every good painter who is on earth will start their own business, so I will never have competent staff

Learning – Get to know the great staff you already have. Tell them how thankful you are for them. Make a great environment that will attract “A” players. Be a great employer and people will want to work with you. Make the job itself awesome and don’t take your foot off the gas with recruiting


3. Countries across the world are dangerous and you won’t survive because you don’t know the language

Learning –  Every country has dangerous and non-dangerous areas. Not knowing the language doesn’t make it any more dangerous. I felt just as safe backpacking in Vietnam and Thailand as I do in Langley. (Wish I could say the same for Surrey (kidding))


4. As an entrepreneur, you need your phone on 24/7 or you will not succeed / your business will not grow

Learning – Being “On” 24/7 makes you scattered and stressed. If you know your phone is off on Saturday and Sunday, you will be more productive during the week. Less Facebook. Less Instagram. I’ve learned to turn my phone off on weekends and to deal with the messages on Monday.


5. “Sleep is for the weak. Sleep when you’re dead, bro.” 

Learning – Sleep deprivation is not a badge of courage. It’s harder to get 8 good hours of sleep than a short night of sleep. I’ve found my thinking to be 10X more clear and increased productivity with proper sleep.


6. You need a new shiny truck to be a contractor and to crush deals

Learning – A big truck would be sweet. I would love to have one. Right now, I drive a 10 year old Honda Civic. Company image is very important but so long as your ride is functional, it’s not going to inhibit you getting the job or not


7. Keep the posts coming and better than the last

Learning – Instagram and Facebook will drive you crazy if you let it. Our brains love the constant affirmation – the likes and attention. Brainstorming up the next post is a huge waste of time. You’ll be more happier just living your life, not caring what other people think.


8. Say “Yes” to as many things as you can

Learning – The word “No” is a very powerful word. Saying no to all good opportunities means you have time for the great opportunities. I used to say “yes” to everything and everyone and jam pack every day. Saying “No” is super difficult and a skill I’m still working on.






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