Working locally to Give globally




I have had a lot of fun these past 6 years painting over 800 homes with my team in Surrey and Langley. With the painting business running well, I have decided to move into the house washing industry. The main reasons that attracted me to this industry were:

  1. Fragmented industry – many competitors but no dominant industry leader with a for-purpose business model
  2. Accessibility – Similar to painting in that house washing is not a sought-after job homeowners can easily do themselves
  3. Re-occuring revenue – Servicing a client excellently will likely result in more future work

The most important reason with starting this business is my personal passion for bringing clean drinking water to people who do not have it. Over the past 2 years, I have worked with charity:water in New York City sponsoring well projects in Cambodia, Nepal, and India. We are currently working on our 3rd well. I wanted to start a business that married my passion for business with my passion for social entrepreneurship. Out of this passion, Revive Washing was born, a heart-centered brand caring about more than just profit. Revive is a for profit business and with each house we wash, we bring clean drinking water to a person in need. One for one.

We currently have 1 truck on the road in Surrey and Langley. Our 2017 plan is to fully book up our crew and continue building a solid brand. A brand which stands not only for excellent customer service, but also a brand which benefits those who do not have a voice, those who cannot speak for themselves.

With the launch of this new brand, it is exciting to pair my hunger for business with my passion for clean drinking water. This is a job which I can wake up every morning ready to work on, and that excites me.

Check us out further online at drop me a line anytime at


facebook @revivewashing



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