“Oh My Goodness..I just Can’t Even”- 10 Traits of the Basic White Girl

*Post is not directed at anyone or to cause offense, but was recently inspired on an airplane and written to keep life fun and interesting

What is a basic white girl? Good question. They usually hang out with other basic white girls and they generally have 10 traits that make them identifiable. 

  1. She wears a bohemian style sun hat when it’s not sunny out. A long gray cardigan and black pumps to match. 
  2. A basic white girl can’t drink water without adding all kinds of fruit and veggies to it. Cucumbers, zuccini, and pears for starters
  3. Customized Starbucks drink with 5+ modifications. Beach season is just around the corner. “I ordered extra hot, extra whip, no foam” 
  4. She mentions how tired she is from her hard work out the day before. Just so we all know she works out
  5. Painted fingernails with an accent nail is a good indicator of the basic white girl. Bonus points for toenails that match the finger nails
  6. She is always busy and telling everyone about it. If she stopped talking about how busy she was she would find more time in her day 
  7. She eats granola bars breaking it into bite sized pieces to appear more polite.
  8. Likely owns a little dog who takes pointed instructions from her. She likes to dress up her dog for pictures on social media. 
  9. The basic white girl believes there are “no more good men out there!” There are good guys out there, they just run the other way from the basic white girl 
  10. She loves her Instagram and if she ever goes missing make sure to use her selfie with the most likes

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