Don’t Go Out for that Cup of Coffee


Spend your time with people who are actually fun to be around. Spend time with people who you can laugh with, who are positive to be around. No one needs another coffee date or a deep chat about life. Life has enough problems as it is. Sitting around talking about your problems is not going to make them go away.

Go and do something fun to and your life will brighten up. Take your shoes off and go throw a Frisbee in a park, cook a meal with a friend, go to the pool, or host a gathering of friends. Above all, learn how to laugh. People with a sense of humour who can laugh are the people you want to be around. Don’t schedule that coffee date into your week, schedule in something fun into your week.

It’s proven that guys build bonds over shared experiences, not over coffee. If there is something legitimately pressing to discuss, coffee could be very well be suitable, but it shouldn’t’ be the ‘go to’. The best guy friends in my life are the guys I play sports with, go on trips with, or go to the gym with. Girls love to have their coffee dates and that’s cool. Girls build bonds by sharing their emotions. Guys build bonds by ‘doing’.

Let’s go throw that Frisbee


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