Life Beyond Louis Vuitton

Everyone wants to live successful lives, but how many of us are really living significant lives? I think it’s easier to be successful than to be significant. Being successful does not always leave an impact, but a significant life impacts all of those around. I think Francis Chan said it best as he said “Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.”

It’s great to have a good income, make money, buy fashionable clothes, and achieve a certain level of social status. It’s great to have opportunities to travel the world, go to shows, and stay physically fit. vietnam33However, if we anchor our lives to these things, we will ultimately feel empty inside. Don’t get me wrong. I love to travel, I love to eat out, and I love my job, but these things are not where I find my identity. My real identify is found in my relationship with Jesus Christ, in knowing Him and living for Him. This is a lasting joy, outlasting anything we can do or acquire here on earth.

A significant life is tethered to something greater than yourself. It’s a life found outside of possessions and experiences; it’s a life that is found in the service of others. Becoming genuinely interested in others and helping them achieve their goals is a significant life. Being aware of the needs of others and giving generously to them is a significant life.

It’s cool to save money and do stuff for yourself, yes. But, if this is where the story ends it might be worth stepping up to help people.

A successful life asks “What can I get?”

A significant life asks, “What can I give?”




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