3 Benefits of Travelling


Travelling to different countries can really change your life in a positive way. This past year I was able to travel to Thailand and Vietnam. There are many benefits to travelling but I wanted to focus on three:

  1. Comfort Zone – Travelling to a different country will get you out of your comfort zone. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone and travelling will help you in this. Travelling will change up your regular daily routine and that is a good thing because it’s uncomfortable. We grow as a person when we are uncomfortable

2. New Cultures – Your horizons expand as you see more in this world. Experiencing new cultures will open your eyes to the variety and beauty in the world. Meeting locals, eating local food, and experiencing local transportation is part of the full experience

3. Gratitude – After travelling to a developing country you will be more appreciative for the life you have been given and what you have been blessed with. Local people are smiling, friendly, and a joy to be around. You would not meet these awesome people if you did not travel.

What do you think are other benefits of travelling?


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